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UWKF changes to UWMAF

The United World Karate Federation (UWKF) will be incorporated into the United World Martial Arts Federation (UWMAF) from the 1 July 2020. We will now unite and develop all martial arts from all origins under one Organization. The reasons for this is many but to state the most important is that the martial arts world too fragmented and unorganized. Besides with the major disappointed, after working so had, to get karate into the Olympics, we see it being excluded after the Tokyo Olympics, because of disunity and poor corporate governance. It’s very limiting clause of “dissent Organization” has done more to disunited karate than unite it. Karate today in every country is in turmoil because of arrogance and inflexible policies. It is our prediction that the World Karate Federation will disintegrate unless it finds new blood to restructure and inject a new philosophy and includes l, karate into its member, more importantly catering for ll karate styles nd competition format. It’s current Olympic karate formats looks a lot like TAEKWONDO, so definitely it I’ll not be beneficial for the IOC who are looking for new ways to attract sponsors and participants into the future of the IOC. It was because of Japan that karate was allowed as one of five exhibition sports, due to the experimental agenda to have more inclusivity and universality in its program.

However, all other future organizing committees For the future Olympic Games see no value in WKF karate, this is rather sad.

So we believe that the future is in uniting and developing all martial arts to low free participation and membership for all martial art under one united world federation.

Join us today and be part of this noble movement. send us an email for more information

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