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Unity and Development is what matters….

We are Uniting and Developing All Martial Arts- we educate, upgrade and allow fair and enjoyable competition for those that want to compete. We also encourage the preservation of the traditional aspects of martial arts. Martial Arts is not a sport Martial Sport is a sport Martial Arts is a way of life.

There was great euphoria and hype when karate was finally admitted into the Tokyo Olympics, but as quick as it entered it exited. What many don’t know this journey started in 1992 with many in the UWMAF and our supporters sacrificing much to get this achieved.

Unity of Karate in Osaka in 1996 WKF, ITKF

Many of those in the photo have left us for the dojo in the sky, looking down on us and asking what happened after such hard work. But, one has to say we expected this, as the current crop of leaders especially in the WKF are power hungry, selfish and really don’t have karate at heart. It is all about power, greed and money. Possibly this is what prompted the IOC to remove karate and exclude its participation 2024 and 2028, Olympics. We really feel for the athletes as they have trained, sacrificed and spent countless hours and resourceful for this opportunity, and then POOF, it has all vanished like Soda Water. It will be very difficult to reenter the Olympic Games in the future after such a great opportunity. Karate is also the first sport to be eliminated after just one Games. Pity but expected!

So lets not spend too much time on this as we have already wasted vast amounts of our time assisting and pushes for this to happen. Now is the time for Unity and Development of all martial arts and the UNITED WORLD MARTIAL ARTS FEDERATION has taken this challenge again to unite and allow all to be in an organization that allows all to be part, be accepting of all able to participate in education, upgrading, competing, networking and really creating a world community of dedicated and open-minded martial artist.

Today the UWMAF has attracted some of the leading martial artist and martial arts organization in one organization with opportunities for all in the art and sport.

Especially important is the youth and women, empowering them compete freely, to take up leadership roles and also educating them on all aspects of BUDO.

The UWMAF includes in the art and sport divisions, today:- Karate of all formats and styles, Sport Kickboxing, Jujitsu both sport and traditional, Kobudo Japanese, Okinawa, Chinese, and Vietnamese, Kung Fu all origins and styles. It is our aim to include Korean, Philippine and other traditional and modern martial arts in the future.

We understand that this is a huge undertaking but an exciting and necessary one, and we are focused on making this a reality in the next 5 years.

The UWMAF is now 8 years old although it was created in 1992 as the United World Karate Association in Tokyo, Japan for the unity of all Karate, this we have now understood to be rather difficult as there are many reasons for this so we decided to rather concentrate on positivity and follow this chosen path.

The agenda has not changed Unity and Development is our cornerstone for a better life for all through martial arts.

If you want to be part of a growing, friendly, non-evasive , fair and enjoyable world federation then the UWMAF is for you.

Join us today and enjoy your martial arts journey.

For more information check-out our website

our email us on, we will send you an information pack.

We are not striving to be the biggest we are rather strive to be the organization of choice for all martial arts interest in the sport or art and fair play.

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