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Individual Club Membership Application Procedures

Any dojo with 20 or more members can apply to UWMAF as a member, they will be evaluated and once approved will be associated as a recognised club with the UWMAF, the clubs will be grouped into five categories according to the style they practice, ONLY recognised traditional style dojos will be accepted.

Once accepted the club can be eligible to participate in the UWMAF World Club Championships which is held every two years.

Individual Membership is $10.00 per member for a LIFETIME. Completed Application forms 14 years and older

Copy of Passport

2 x passport Photos

Receive a UWMAF Individual membership Card Must be a member of a recognised club or UWMAF National Federation

Must be a martial artist who has a minimum of Brown Belt issued by a recognised club or National Federation


Club Membership

$25.00 per club per annum

Completed Application forms 21 years and older

Must have a minimum of 20 Brown and Black belt members Receives Dojo Certificate

Must be a recognised member of and run by a recognised Instructor who is a member of UWMAF

Eligible to take part in UWMAF World Club Championships

Also, all 20 members must be registered members of UWMAF and paid-up members of their annual member's fee.

Can apply for promotion and instructors to teach in their dojo for $ 3,000 per week and must provide accommodation and local services


National Federation

MEMBERSHIP IS $100 per year

Completed Application Form

Receives National Federation Certificate

United National Federation 1 per country 

Minimum of 20 clubs in a Sovereign country with 50 members per club or region, all dojos must be led by a recognised instructor

Represent UWMAF in its country in all matters affecting the UWMAF standing with the UUWMAF'sand its National Federation

Apply for qualification for Referees, Judges, Dan Ranking, Instructor qualification, and Coaches qualification in all martial arts offered by the UWMAF and must be in good standing with the UWMF and its National Federation

Serve on UWMAF Structures and Vote at UWMAF Congresses. Regional Congresses and Continental Congresses



Instructors Recognition

$20.00 per annum

Completed Application Form

Have a minimum of 10 years of continued martial arts teaching experience ( Full CV must accompany application)

30 years and older

Have a minimum of 20 students under his/her instruction and be a member of a recognised martial arts 

Received Instructor Recognition Certificate fully endorsed by the UWMAF

Can participate in all UWMAF technical activities

Eligible to serve in all UWMAF Technical Committees

Eligible to take the UWMAF Dan upgrading program

Endorsed by the National Federation


Referees and Judges

$30.00 per annum

Completed Application Form

Eligible to participate in all UWMAF activities

21 years and older

Endorsement by the National Federation

Qualification for Referees and Judges

Must have passed a UWMAF National, or regional, requirement for Referees or Judges

Officiate all UWMAF Activities Continental and World

Must have served a minimum of 4 years in their national federation referees structure

Must have participated in the regional or continental activities for referees or judge

Member of a club, national, regional or continental federation of UWMAF

Be an active member of the club, National, Regional or Continental Federation

Frequently Asked Question

What is the United World Martial Arts Federation?

There are many federations claiming to coordinate and control the martial arts in the world, most of these federations are either single martial arts-based federations or a loose accumulation of martial arts groups wanting to administer and provide services to their members.

The United World Martial Arts Federation is different from others which inculcates the martial art and system of self-defence that originated hundreds of years ago in the respective country's origin but was greatly influenced by an even older tradition from China and other countries. We are not interested in Olympic participation or recognition just yet but rather the preservation of traditional al and sports martial arts with all martial artists treated equally and fairly. Most of all not losing the values and benefits of Martial Arts.

What is the purpose and goal of UWMAF?

The ultimate purpose of UWKF is not physical prowess or the winning of matches, but the development of balance, harmony and spiritual and physical strength through strict, unification, development, preparation and fair participation in traditional based sports activities in or develop the human beings into an asset for society through fair and equal participation after proper preparation in a unified manner catering for all disciplines and all martial arts competition formats under the strict ambit of traditional karate. Karate schools you in natural, effortless action, and imbues you with an openness, peace and wholeness of character that vastly enrich day-to-day life.

What enriches UWMAF?

With members in over 100 countries, the United World Martial Arts Federation (UWMAF)), is the world’s largest united world martial arts federation cateriMartial Artsartial arts disciplines and all competition formats without comprising the traditions and value of true martial arts. More importantly, though, we are unifiers of all martial arts, the preserver of the soul and spirit of the competition of martial arts in line with the tradition of Bushido (the way of the warrior). Our mission is to promote the way of all martial arts competitions throughout the world while ensuring that it remains true to the philosophical precepts upon which it was founded. This has been our mission since the establishment of the UWMAF in 1992.

What sort of karate competition does the UWMAF cater for?

The UWMAF has all forms of traditional and modern martial arts formats.

What is the UWMAF’s philosophy of karate competition?

At the UWMAF, martial arts is both a sport and an art and this balance needs to be maintained to get the benefits based on Warrior Code. In true martial arts, the body, mind and spirit—the whole person—must be developed simultaneously. Through intense unity of purpose, development of self, preparation for activity and participation, and the physical and mental aspects of martial arts can be brought together through active participation in any format or discipline of the martial art of your preference. The result is natural, effortless action, and confidence, humility, openness, and peace through interaction in one language- MARTIAL ARTS, only possible through perfect unity of body and mind. This is the core teaching of scientific competition methods based on traditions, the basis of the Warrior Code.


Can anyone join UWMAF?

Yes! The only real requirement being a member of your National Federation and committing yourself to a disciplined commitment to work hard and practice patiently. As long as that commitment is there, UWMAF is for everyone—regardless of age, sex, or ethnic background. (See application and membership categories).


How do I become a member of the UWMAF?

Joining the UWMAF requires filling out an application form and paying the appropriate membership fees. The UWMAF offers a few kinds of membership:

  1. National Membership is the most important,

  2. for those wishing to affiliate their dojo or National karate Federation in their couKarateith the UWMAF ;

  3. and Individual Membership, for people interested in joining the UWMAF as an individual and attending one of our dojos near them please send an enquiry to


How much does membership cost?

The cost of a UWKF membership is determined by membership type. Please contact for information on the specific fees required for your requirement.


Can fees be required for UWMAF HQ?

Yes, specified fees (denominated in dollars) can and must be sent directly to UWKF HQ. As of February 1, 2016, annual fees payable in U.S. dollars to UWKF HQ by UWKF-approved foreign country members must be remitted to UWKF HQ’s official dollar-denominated account (see details below). Any other payments payable in U.S. dollars (e.g., Dan and Kyu registration fees) if not paid in cash must also be sent to this account. No checks will be accepted.



or By



Is there a National Federation somewhere near me?

Probably. The UWMAF has members in well over 100 countries, so there’s bound to be National Federation in your ountry. Check with the by sending an email to for information.

Where is the Tokyo UWMAF HQ located?

The World Headquarters is in Tokyo Japan, and its seat of power and administration headquarters is in Johannesburg, South Africa

Bushido: The Way of the Warrior

Bushido has been the warrior code of conduct in chivalry for centuries. Based firmly on the teachings of Bushido was intended to help the warrior master their nature and understand their minds and the universe through direct experience as well as through fostering strength, self-control and wisdom.

Bushido is based on seven essential principles:

1. Seigi: The right decision and rectitude

2. Yuki: Bravery and heroism

3. Jin: Compassion and benevolence to all

4. Reigi: Courtesy and right action

5. Makoto: Truthfulness and utter sincerity

6. Meiyo: Honor and glory

7. Chugi: Devotion and loyalty

Martial spirit and courage were, of course, essential aspects of Bushido. But for the warrior, Bushido‘s highest goal was complete virtue in thought and action.

Each warrior followed a carefully designed regimen of polite ceremony and etiquette intended to promote such virtue. With its emphasis on the prescribed form, Bushido helped the warrior harmonize the mind with body, enabling them to maintain a certain calmness, or heijoshin (literally, "ordinary everyday mind"), even in the face of hardship. Sincerity, kindness, honesty, filial piety and honour all formed part of the code of Bushido. And they were the seed from which the karate tradition grew.

These attributes, and the wisdom, understanding and peaceful strength they promote, are some of karate’s greatest benefits. They are also among Japan’s greatest gifts to the world. Today UWMAF has replaced through proper scientific research and activity in competition, the warrior with the karate competitors without losing the virtues and benefits of Martial arts and its Code..

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National Membership $200.00 per year
Individual membership $10.00 per year
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