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Shuri-Te Kata for March

The January and February training material will be revised over and over until we are able to use the techniques in our kumite, bunkai and goshindo. What is important is that we must we able to melt the Kihon, Kata and Kumite into one powerful defence system using every aspect of a technique to maximum effectiveness. In March our emphysis will be on the Shuri-Te kata obviously the execution is slightly perculiar to the Shuri te way and the main working points is Maai – distance, the Kime – focus and Taisabaki – the body usage. The Katas we will work on are all the Pinan Katas taking each technique and working on its proper execution and the stances that will be worked and re-worked will be zenkutsu dachi, kokustu dachi, sanchin dachi and neko ashi dachi. the transfer and body impact in every technique is also something we have to work on especilly the Kime and the focus on the area of impact. In Karate-Do and Okinawan Budo the secrets are all in kata and this becomes the focal area of our foundation to explore all other areas. In our organization the emphysis on Budo instead of Shiai is what we are most interested in. Shiai is practiced and allowed but it one of the many components we practice. Kata is our foundation and strategy and technique and tactics is a normal part of our training. So again training everyday and sweating everyday is what we are trying and not compromising on. You don’t train we don’t talk the ink is our sweat and the effort is the words we are writing our karate book everyday one sentence until we finish our book on a yearly basis. Going back and re-reading and recommiting ourslves every year is what is important to us. Those that don’t train at least 3 times a year at honbu and with me, if you are from outside Johannesburg, and at least 3 times a month if your are inside Johannesburg, as a minimum, you will be taken off the database of members. If a black belt does not train for two years then he must return to be a white belt for as long as he has been out of training. See you all on the dojo floor sweating and improving. Until next week. Keep up the effort and never give up.

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