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2nd UWMAF Virtual Kata Seminar – Jitte

the 2nd UWMAF Virtual Kata Seminar will be held on the 28 August 2021 by connection to Google Meet. All Welcome!

Kata Jitte

Principles of Kata

Kata is a collection of movements designed to give the karateka (practitioner of the art) a series of techniques that can be practiced over time and remembered through repetition. When performed effectively, a kata looks somewhat like a choreographed dance. Some have referred to it as the “dance of death” due to the true interpretation and application of its movements. Kata synchronizes devastating martial techniques into a fluid pattern of mind and body expression. It is the essence of traditional karate. It is the foundation of art.

Some karate instructors have eliminated kata from their requirements or practice. Others have included only modified contemporary forms of competition kata. These instructors assert that kata adds little or no value to karate but they can not deny the fact that kata practice develops coordination, strength, speed, balance, and can be a good aerobic exercise. There are several elements of proper kata development, practice, and performance that serious karateka should adhere to.

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