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WKF showing there true colours

As predicted the WKF and its President says one thing to the IOC but does something completely different in practice. As was stated in our previous communication the WKF has informed the IOC that selection for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics will be open to all karate-ka and will allow all karate-ka from throughout the whole world irrespective of affiliation to try out for selection for Tokyo 2020 provided they comply with the tournament which has been accepted by the organizing committee and the IOC Programme Commission. What is now happening is WKF is insisting that only its members will be allowed into the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games which is rather different to what was stated before Karate’s acceptance into 2020 Olympic Games. All karate lobbied for karate to be in the 2020 Olympic Games, the numbers that the WKF count as members are all karate and all clubs but many of these are not members of the WKF. It is important to understand that if one determines the different organizations existing today coordinating karate then one realizes that many karate-ka are being left out. Even the Okinawan Karate Federation is not part of the WKF. Interesting that the IKO under Shokei Matsui is now prepared to change their Full-Contact karate philosophy to be selected for the Japanese team and have struck an agreement with the Japan Karate Federation (JKF, who are members of the WKF to allow the members of the IKO Matsui Ha to be selected for the Japan team. We personally don’t believe that this will be possible. Also, the inclusion of karate is ONLY for 2020, if they want to be part of the future Olympic Games they have to reapply and the host City must be prepared to expand the sports and pay the expenses. This was possible in Tokyo as the Host City agreed to this and include another 4 sports to get Karate into the Olympics, this has been done to boost the medal count of the Japanese as the Japanese karate practitioners are automatically included in the Olympic selection and are guaranteed participation. It is envisaged that Japan will get a minimum of 7 medals in karate, this will augur well for them as South Korea normally get a majority of their medals from taekwondo. Again politics in the sport!

We at the United World Karate Federation have made unity and development our cornerstone and we will peruse this until all karate is united under one organization and caters for all karate styles and all karate competition formats. We will in the next year be again inviting all world federations to start this process again, as the application for inclusion in the 2024 Olympics will be open, and we need to make a case to the IOC for all included in the next appearance if karate is accepted again to participate.

So join us in the quest and let’s get karate united in all aspects of its operations and presence worldwide.

Until next Time keep on uniting and developing karate worldwide.

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