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1. COURTESY: One must be respectful to all people and to be respectful to ourselves. 2. LOYALTY: One must be loyal to the organization, the Sensei or instructors, classmates, family and friends. 3. KINDNESS: One will refrain from making negative statements about anyone. One should always strive for what is good and correct. To work toward harmony between all people and always keep in mind of others’ well being. 4. COURAGE: One must never surrender to the enemy. To correct what we know is wrong and to succeed in one goals or intentions. We will utilize our skills to help and defend the defenseless, our family, friends and our honor. 5. JUSTICE: One needs to know that we are all equal, to understand that we all have weakness. One must never be arrogant and always be humble. One must refrain in giving unnecessary displays of one abilities. 6. DISCIPLINE: Refrain from violence. One must always exercise self-control and to always finish what is started. 7. STRENGTH: To be strong always! To develop an indomitable spirit and to develop one’s will to be like steel, for this is the way of the martial arts. 8. HONOR: One must refrain from wrong doings, which can to bring shame on upon us and oneself, for we represent the heritage of correctness, as those before us have preserved. To be honorable, one must be honorable to others. 9. TRUTH: Be true to yourself and others. For deceit and lies will breed negativity and darkness to one’s spirit, mind and body.

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