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United World Karate Federation – South Africa get NOC recognitiom

In a historic ruling the South African Sports confederation and Olmpic Committee (SASCOC) has decided to accept the membership of our affiliate in South Africa, this isunpresidented in the history for an NOC to take such a bold decision and we applaud our affiliate for all the work and to SASCOC for being so bold and fair, this augurs well for SASCOC and karate in South Africa as we are ONLY interested in Unity and fair de elopement for all.


We also proud to announce that the United WorldKarate Federation South Africa will be hosting its 3rd United National Karate Championships catering for all karate formats and all styles, on the 21 and 22 April 2016 at the Klipriverberg Recreation Centre, this will the 1st Championships for United Karate since being accepted by SASCOC.

we will also be having a big celebration party to celebrate our 1 year birthday a big birthday cake will be baked for this occasional and all who will be attending will be given a piece of this birthday cake. Come and join us.

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