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United World Karate Federation goes all martial arts

The United Karate Federation is now including all martial arts into its membership to properly unite all martial arts and develop them to there potential. it is pleasing to see many of our members and other karate and martial arts organization supporting this new and revolutionary move. or aim is to unite and develop and mass participation of all martial arts is our objective. too many organization are restricting members and karate or martial arts people to be able to free join and participate in any organization or event they wish to be impart of, this is the old way of keeping everything for myself and trying to content and suck members dry of resources and to make them dependent on just one organization. We live in modern times and the growth of the martial arts is at its peek and we need to broaden the base for access for all through ia single unified and development unasked entity. this entity in the United World Karate Federation. today we have general karate, traditional karate, Koshiki karate, full contact karate, kickboxing, modern combat sport, kobudo and we will evaluate others for the future. all these are under one organization and one championships yearly. The 2nd World event under the Auspices of the UWKF will be held on Teheran, Iran in 2020. We urge all martial arts to income and participate in this important and exciting event. The 13th UWKF African Karate and Martial Arts Championship will be held in Cape Town, South Africa from the 24 April to 27 April 2019 and this is an open event and anyone can participate in all the disciplines mentioned above. Lets get together and Unite and Develop all martial arts for our future generation.

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