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New Website, New Management and Administration System for UWKF members and Supporters

After much research and development, we are proud to announce that together, in partnership with R Sportz, a professional membership and content software based management and administration systems development company, UWKF has developed what we believe to be a very professional and necessary management and administration system that assists all karate national federations, regions, clubs and individuals with many aspects of their karate social media, fees collection, tournament management, membership management, grading, and many other aspects of their running of a proper karate organization. This system will be launched at the end of March 2017. It will be a cloud-based system that will management the entire UWKF operations and management. We encourage all our members and supporters to made full use of this subscription service. We will be the first karate organisation to use this system and we are very excited and anxiously anticipating very good things to come out of this partnership. For more information please contact Masood at Also please check out our test website which is used temporarily for now and will be professionally done once the new system is launched. Website:-, this is the type of information and more that will be included in the new system.

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