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Karate in the World today

Many within the United World Karate Federation have contributed immensely towards the development of karate in many parts of the world, those that are currently involved with our organization have good reputations and are practicing karate-ka and still training everyday and developing instructors and students in their respective dojo, cities, provinces, countries and continents, besides the development of karate world-wide. other organizations similar to ours are run by karate politicians who have long traded their karategi for a business suit. What we see today is many decision-makers in karate are those that were last on dojo floor about two or three decades ago and many that are involved from a karate prerspective are only worried about the sporting aspect and have discarded the benefits of karate as martial art are not even promoting karate as a martial sport, but just a sport with no human face, winning at all cost and transforming karate into a game of tag. They are rarely seen in a dojo, prefer to go to meeting through the world paid by others and issue of corruption and manipulation rampant in world karate, but their dojogi’s are firmly to small, relegated to the heap of forgotten apparel and they will profess to be the true leaders of karate world-wide.

It has come to the notice of our organization that the President of the World Karate Federation has now sent a letter to all the WKF members to refrain from being associated with any style organization as these style organization are against the ideals of the World Karate Federation, and therefore a  National Federations must only be involved in the WKF and only the WKF. The ruling will now affect many full time karate instructor, if accepted by the National Federation, and will definitely jeopardize the ability to make a livihood. This cannot be right as many style organization are private organization have their own culture and origins and nothing to do with the WKF.

This is the reason the United World Karate Federation was created to be different, not interfering with personal preference, not calling any karate practicing or loving person dissent, not interfering in styles and not interfering in dojos or countries. We only want unified karate and the development of our sport, styles, athletes and members throughout the world working in harmony.

Karate is today a universal sport practiced and enjoyed in possibility all countries under the United Nation, it is the property of all human beings and on one can attempt to take this away from us, it is the effort of every single karate person that has made this a universal sport, we must preserve its origins, we must preserve it’s history, we must preserve it’s benefits, we must protects its legacy but most of all we must protect its us ablility to be practiced and developed unhindered throughout the work with no imposition that it belongs to anyone group, it belong to everyone, who dares to practice and enjoy it.

The United World Karate Federation commits itself to fight for all these values and will continue with its quest to develop karate for all without interverence, discrimination, bullying, determining what is best for karate practitioners and lovers and most of all to unite in our passion to preserve karate for the future, we are not in opposition to WKF’s quest for OLYMPIC recognition or participation, but rather want a unified world organization towards a unified, developed, prepared and participating structure that bring the qualities of BUDO back into karate-do respect, dignity, loyalty, sincerity and human development, we train everyday we sweat everyday. We have not interest in the Olympic Games as we believe karate values will be destroyed once karate is an Olympic Sport, but also realize that many want karate to be an Olympic sport so they can use this to improve their personal capital worth and take themselves to greater sporting heights, this is their objectives and we respect this. Karate is made of many different people from many parts of the world, but one thing is certain we all speak the same language -KARATE, our preferences are different and this is understandable.

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