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Dual Affiliation no longer

it is pleasing to note that after the UWKF challenged the undemocratic clause in the WKF constitution regarding dual affiliation and the WKF labelling any organization as dissident as and when they felt our unilaterally determined. the WKF now listened and understood that if they did not change this they may jeopardize their inclusion in the 2024 Olympic program. Although others are allowed to participate for selection for the Olympics in 2020, provided they adhere to the WKF rules it is not clear what one has to do to participate in these events which are qualifiers for the Olympics. we must however applaud the WKF for taking this decision as they relented on wanting to share the Olympic space with other international organizations. it has always been the believe but the UWKF that karate to the Olympics will benefit all karate as the sport will be exposed for the betterment of all. it is just 70 to 80 athletes that we allowed to participate in 2020 but the benefits will be felt by the 100 million. practitioners of all karate. we encourage all the challenge the WKF in their announce to allow all to be given a fair and equal chance to try to qualify for the Olympics irrespective which organization they belong too. The Executive Chairman of UWKF Shihan Imtiaz Abdulla has been assisting and challenging this fact since 1992 and he was very instrumental with many others in getting karate accepted by the IOC after it lost its provisional recognition in 1986. Unity and Development is the mantra of UWKF and it will not change. WKF must adopt the same mentality for all karate loving people to enjoy the fruits of so many that assisted in getting karate accepted into the Olympics. Karate is much more than just Olympic participation it ie about using a noble and disciplined art and sport to unite and develop all human beings worldwide. Those people especially narrow minded uneducated and selfish karate people need to change. they have to stop their ” Karate Apartheid” mentality and start working with everyone for the benefit of all karate. the UWKF is open to work with anyone with this mentality. We are not challenging Olympic recognition or ac acceptance and will definitely support the new mentality within the WKF as long as it is fair, transparent and inclusive. Let us hear from you on what you think about this. Until next time fly the karate unity and development flag high and let’s improve our world one punch and kick at a time.

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