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2nd Womens Cup 2016, South Africa

As August is Women’s month the United World Karate Federation South Africa will be celebrating in style, the 2nd Womens Cup will be hosted by Women for Women at the Portuguese Hall in the South of Johannesburg, on the 26 and 27 August 2016 for individual and team events for girls, teenagers and senior together with veterans and masters. Men will also be competing but only in team events, for kata and kumite. A new team kumite team formats will be tried and this is will most probably be implemented at the 1st UWKF Team Event to be held later this year in South Africa as well All Women karate-ka in all kumite formats and kata from all styles will be allowed to participate freely without any fear or sanction and the United World Karate Federation is about opportunity not opposition. so come and join your provinces and get involved for Women empowerment.


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